Ginnifer Goodwin New Fairy Tale Role Familiar to Moms Everywhere

ginnifer goodwinI love this time in Hollywood. When the Powers That Be on the networks announce what shows we are gonna see next fall, who will star in them, what we will be setting our DVRs for come September. Latest news: Ginnifer Goodwin will be coming to ABC with a new show as a modern Snow White.

Titled Once Upon a Time, the drama takes place in a small town where, just maybe, fairy tales come true. Reports are there's a Prince Charming and an Evil Queen. Oh, and it's being produced by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. They gave us LOST.

I don't know who is more excited: my inner 7-year-old girl or my inner geeky LOSTophile.


Yes, I love fairy tales. I love any movie with a princess in it, especially those starring Anne Hathaway. Enchanted with Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey is on my top 10. But, I'm also a huge LOST fan and been in a somewhat depressed state since the finale. 

So the combo, one-two punch of this new show has got me all sorts of giddy. I read more about it: a little boy who goes between two worlds, one with regular folks and one with fairy tales, where there are spells cast by a wicked queen, scared townspeople, a heroine, a hero. Wait a minute, this sounds eerily familiar.

It sounds exactly like what I do every day. Yup, as a parent, I often bop between two worlds. Every morning, I wake up and am transported to another land. According to my 4-year-old, I will have become a kitty. Or be in some sort of magic cat boat. Often, she's the Princess Kitty and I'm the Queen Kitty. We're usually threatened by The Evil Monster (aka my husband), though he has been known to be a ghost. We have at our disposal all sorts of magic. Not sure at what point, but we manage to make it back to the "real" world in order to catch the uptown subway train to preschool.

Seriously, ask any mom of a little kid how many times she was either a monster, alien, or queen that day. I guarantee she will say at least one, if not eight times. This dual world thing -- part of a mom's life.

Now, of course, since this show is coming from the executive producers of LOST, I'm sure it is gonna be good. I fully expect it to be chock-full of some creepiness, some thrills, some mystery. And some sort of monster ... maybe not one made of smoke, but definitely a monster.

How often do you play pretend with your kids?


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