'Kourtney & Kim Take New York' Recap: Scott Disick Gets Even Creepier

Scott DisickJust when you thought it wasn't possible for Scott Disick to come off as anymore of an ass, he went and got a cane on this week's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York. Yes, Kourtney's man (why, oh why Kourtney?) decided that he -- with his two fully functioning legs -- needed a cane to complement his crazy attire. Considering his past anger management issues, it's a frightening accessory in many senses of the word.

He said he considers himself an "icon in the fashion world for men," and was serious even though he pretended to be joking. He set out to find the next new thing in men's fashion to lead his charge. Hats? No, his hair is too good ... if "good" means greasy slicked-back strands that appear to be hiding a future bald spot. Pocket squares are passe, and ascots he's done. So he stumbles upon ... the cane -- "the accessory for the man who needs nothing."

Besides looking absurd, guess how much it cost?


$3,500 down the drain ... for a cane.

I love a well-dressed, fashion-forward man, but Scott just looks ... stupid. The cane makes it official, and the fact that he calls it a "walking stick" makes it even worse. And yes, I know he's doing it for attention and to drive a plot on the show, but somehow his smugness about it just makes me want to trip him even more.

He won't go anywhere without it, which drives Kourtney insane and at least proves she has some common sense when it comes to him and his idiotic ways. Why she doesn't just break it or use it for firewood, I'm not sure. Instead she takes it hostage, and Scott goes on a rampage to get it back by stealing her shoes and threatening to throw them off the balcony down to the streets of New York. So mature, that Scott.

Oh how I wanted him to do it. That might have been the push Kourtney needed to see what an idiot this guy is and leave him forever -- there were Prada shoes involved. But, of course, he didn't and whined instead:

"What did the cane ever do to you? It's something for me. Tell me one thing it's doing to your life that's bringing you down that you have to go hide it on me?"

She finally decided if it makes him happy, she shouldn't beat him up about it. I would argue that she should perhaps beat him WITH it.

Beyond the cane, we saw Kim Kardashian in action recording her single "Jam (Turn It Up)" in the studio with The-Dream. It was good to see just how non-seriously she took herself during the whole thing, which makes the song that much more likable. Now if Scott Disick could only take a lesson and stop taking himself so seriously, I might be able to stomach him more easily. He might as well, because no one else takes him seriously except, of course, when it comes to him being a serious idiot.

What do you think of Scott Disick's style -- ridiculous or fashion-forward?

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