'American Idol' Recap: In Which Three Losers Are Saved

American IdolIn last night's two-hour assault on the senses, we narrowed down the top 24 contestants into our final American Idol top 10. No, top 11. Wait, there are three wild cards? OK. Our American Idol top 13. I was so confused. I don't think they said at the beginning that there would be three wild card spots to be filled. I was under the impression for the first 110 minutes of the show that there would be one person saved, but no -- they went ahead and saved a total of three losers.

The best thing about last night was J. Lo's greenish nail polish and the fact that Muppet Robbie Rosen was sent home. The absolute worst part was when the judges announced who they were keeping on the show, despite not getting enough of our votes.

Are we in control of this show, or aren't we.


Someone has got to take the reins. There was absolutely no reason to keep three more contestants after we had voted for our top five girls and top five boys. Speaking of, here's the top 10:

Casey Abrams, Lauren "I'm just Lauren" Alaina, James Durbin, Jacob Lusk, Scotty "Baby Lock Them Doors" McCreery, Paul McDonald, Thia Megia, Haley "Teeth" Reinhart, Karen Rodriguez, and Pia Toscano.

I was happy with that top ten. Happily surprised to see Paul make the cut, not so thrilled with Haley, but win some lose some. When Ryan announced who didn't make it, the eliminated paupers were sent to a chamber of fire and held over the flames until J. Lo named who the judges would like to hear sing, one more time, to decide if they should stay or go. "Sing, dammit!" she yelled, and six lucky losers got one more shot to prove that they don't suck as badly as we originally thought.

Naima, Kendra, and Ashthon got a second chance for the girls; Stefano, Jovany, and Robbie for the boys. When they called their names, I just about threw my glass of chocolate milk at the TV. Jovany looks inbred and I almost feel like he's there because they pity him. Whenever Robbie sings I feel like it's an Andy Samberg digital short, and Stefano is just so not good. Girl wise, Naima is grating on all fronts; Kendra, I don't even know who that is (exactly); and Ashthon's attitude (they're calling it "confidence") is almost as annoying as the superfluous "h" in her name. If they let just one through, it would've been a shame.

But no. They let three through, to make the top 10 a top 13. Naima, Ashthon, and Stefano were saved. I'm surprised they didn't give Julie Zorrilla a second shot. She was a crowd favorite and she was great in Hollywood week. Granted she stunk it up last, but we like Julie! She's pretty! And nice! Oh well, adios.

Taking the bus home with Julie is Brett, Clint, Jordan, Jovany, Kendra, Lauren Turner, Rachel, Robbie, Ta-Tynisa, and Tim.

There better not be anymore judges pick this season. If you give us the power to vote, the least you could do is listen to us.

What do you think of the top 13?

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