'Real Housewives of Miami' Recap: Strike Two!

Real Housewives of MiamiI knew it was going to be bad when this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Miami started with Adriana reliving her walk down the runway at a fashion show AFTER it was over. No one even cared the first time we saw it last week, except her. It was not daring, it was not wild, it was a walk; get over it. But she had to rehash it again with her boob-ogling boyfriend Frederic who laughed about how jealous "mean girls" Cristy and Larsa probably were when she did it. Doubt it.

But at least some sides are starting to be taken -- between the mean girls and the working (sorta) women, and with Cristy's big gaffe of the night (more on that later) between her and Lea -- big time. So there's at least hope for some heat. We'll see.


There were a few highlights, like seeing Alexia (a.k.a., the Cuban Barbie) in action at her job as an editor for Venue magazine. Despite numerous complaints that the publication is "tacky," Alexia doesn't care. It's for the "lower person" who wants to be like her, and the magazine is all they have. Hear that, lower people?

In their round robin of dinner and lunch events, Cristy was on board to host. Naturally, since she's a super proud Latina Cuban girl, she decided to serve Cuban food while sporting an "I Love Cuba" shirt. Lea was too busy to be bothered with it, and Marysol bailed for work meetings, but no worries because Chef Pepin -- a bizarre Crock-Pot-using cook -- talked so much no one missed them anyway. Was it just me, or was that guy the most annoying chef ever?

Adriana then made everything about her when she forgot her one and only son at school and proceeded to have a fight on her cell phone with her boyfriend about getting him. When Frederic balked at leaving work to get him while she sipped mojitos with her girlfriends poolside, the other women tried to convince her to leave him -- or make him sleep in the closet.

Larsa educated us on how not to treat nannies -- namely fire them every chance you get while wearing ridiculously short shorts that you claim are plenty long. She has fired so many nannies, she doesn't even remember all their names, though she recalls the nicknames she gave them, like "snail" and "turtle." 

For the grand, aforementioned finale, Cristy showed up at Lea's big charity event without a ticket, and Lea was pissed that someone dared defy her. The show ended with her stomping around in pursuit of the party crasher. Tune in next week to find out if anything gets broken. If nothing else, at least we have The Real Housewives of Orange County to look forward to starting Sunday, and they will surely bring it.

Did you watch the second episode of The Real Housewives of Miami? Can you endure a third?

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