John Stamos Replaces Charlie Sheen? Yes Please!

john stamosIt's not that Charlie Sheen doesn't like John Stamos, he just doesn't want the former Full House star to replace him on Two and a Half Men. The rumor of the substitution started last week but so far neither Stamos nor the network has confirmed there's any truth behind it. Stamos tweeted: "contrary to the rumors, i am not replacing charlie sheen on two and a half men. however, martin sheen has asked me to be his son." Touche, Stamos.

Stamos, Sheen says, "doesn't have what I have, and the show sucks if he's on it."

Agree to disagree, dear Charles. John Stamos would be an excellent replacement!


First of all, Stamos has the experience with 22-minute laugh-track sitcoms with kids in the cast. If he could handle the Olsen twins, he can handle anything. Put him on set and just watch how fast he can bring out the best in child actors. Every Friday night for eight years, I sat in front of the TV with a medium pan pizza and a quart of milk and watched Stamos steal every scene and warm our hearts as Uncle Jesse. Trust me, I know his skill set well.

Second of all, he's not a great actor. Perfect! The role requires comedic timing and a good smirk, and Stamos has got them both. Say the line, mug, exit stage left. That's all that's needed for this predictable show.

Third of all, he's sober. The biggest show on TV needs a stable centerpiece. And not only is he sober, he's super good looking. Charlie's character is some sort of modern day Lothario, bedding hot chicks and living the good life. One problem. Charlie isn't good looking and on good days is only just slightly slimy. At least Stamos would bring some authenticity to the role -- he's got the real life looks and charm to sleep with stunning supermodels.

I say give Stamos a shot. Who knows, maybe Jesse and the Rippers will make a comeback, and Bob Saget could come on the show and tell cleaned-up versions of super dirty jokes.

Would you like to see Stamos replace Sheen?

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