'The Bachelor' Gets Even More Sexist

Nobody would ever pretend that The Bachelor is a feminist show. Here we have a harem of women competing for the affection and attention of one man. More often than not, the ladies are pushing their breasts into his face in one way or another, whether literally (in a hot tub) or metaphorically (in a scene where they are "talking"). Obviously, there are bound to be more than a few sexist moments on the show. 

Not to say that Bachelor Brad Womack is a misogynist. Au contraire! He loves a workin' gal who is passionate about her career. As long as she can quit to raise his babies, move across the country to be with him (no matter what is currently going on in her life), and basically put everything on hold at the drop of a bar towel (Womack, as we know, is a successful bar owner in Austin, Texas).


We saw evidence of this during Monday night's episode when he basically dumped Ashley for daring to have more in her head than love, pixie dust, and a healthy helping of delusion. "I have always wanted a sweet woman," Womack said about Emily earlier in the show. And sweet she is, but really?

"A sweet woman." God help me if my husband ever called me that. I CAN be sweet. But I am also challenging and ambitious and fun and adventurous and a whole lot of other things. I highly doubt that my husband -- in picking a partner -- would have called out "sweet" as the characteristic he most wanted in a spouse. My guess is that he would have said he wanted a woman who was his equal and loved her career, too.

Not that I'm surprised. Is it written in The Bachelor contract that the woman will ALWAYS move to accommodate the man? Truly, it's so irritating. I've never once seen a man move for the woman on any of the shows. Except maybe on The Bachelorette, I think Roberto said he would move to San Francisco, but it sounds like they actually compromised and moved to San Diego.

"I wanted to be closer to her," Roberto said. So he moved from Florida to San Diego? That 7-hour coastal drive is not all that "close." Why could he not move all the way? It just seems sad in this day and age that the woman's career is never even more than a blip on the radar. Although I suppose most successful, ambitious women don't have to go on a game show to meet men. A self selecting crowd? Perhaps. Either way, let's get some equality up in here!

Dear Ashley, be happy he sent you home. Truly. It was a gift. Now you can meet a man who respects your career and ambition.

Does that bother you, too?

Image via ABC

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