Oscar 'Snorefest'? Deadline Hollywood Has Academy Awards Spoilers

Deadline Hollywood claims to have obtained the official annotated schedule for this Sunday's 83rd Academy Awards show, and they're describing it as ... a snorefest.

I'm not sure how they can definitively know ahead of time how interesting and/or boring the show is going to be by the schedule alone—most of the interesting stuff happens in the unscripted moments, no?—but here's their list of events during the telecast, which Deadline is predicting as "overly long and boring."

Spoilers ahead!

The 2011 Oscars Broadcast schedule will (supposedly) include:


• Hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway popping up almost every minute and making at least 5 wardrobe changes in total; opening the show with "one of those Billy Crystal-originated films putting themselves into scenes from all the 10 nominated movies" (UGH NO WHY GOD WHY)

Oprah Winfrey presenting the Best Documentary feature, while her BFF Gayle King is backstage doing live interviews

• So-called 'Scenic Transitions' to Hollywood's past that consist of virtual reality lookbacks (at the very first Oscars, the films Gone With the Wind and Lord of the Rings, movie music from The Silent Era and Broadway Melody and THX, and more)

• Florence (of Florence and the Machine) performing with A.R. Rahman the 127 Hours song "If I Rise"

• Franco and Hathaway appearing in what's described as a "performance comedy" with a wardrobe change of gowns and tuxedos

Steven Spielberg presenting the Best Motion Picture Oscar, last year's Best Actress winner Sandra Bullock presenting the Best Actor Oscar

• The New York School student choir closing the show by singing "Over the Rainbow" from The Wizard of Oz

You can pore over the entire schedule here.

Personally, I'm crossing my fingers that Banksy will show up at the final hour and do something to turn a ho-hum awards show on its head. Hey, maybe the leaked schedule is all the work of Banksy in the first place, and the actual broadcast will be three hours of masked performers smearing pudding on each other! We can always hope.

What do you think of the broadcast schedule—does it sound like the Oscars will be boring?

Image via Oscars.org

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