'Deadliest Catch' Family Faced With Another Death

Time BanditJust a little more than a year after the death of Captain Phil Harris, another cast member of Deadliest Catch has died. Justin Tennison, a crew member on the Discovery show, was found dead in a hotel room Monday. A cause of death hasn't been named, but TMZ reports that drugs and alcohol were found in the room. It's unknown if they are related to his death.

Andy Hillstrand, captain of the Time Bandit on which Tennison worked, said he "died peacefully in his sleep." But Tennison was only 33, and not many people that age just slip away in their sleep. It raises a lot of questions as to what may have happened, but mostly it just sparks waves of sadness for his family -- he leaves behind a son and a daughter -- and for the entire cast and crew of Deadliest Catch who have been hit hard twice in a short time with a devastating loss of one of their own.


Hillstrand spoke of the hole Tennison will leave on a Facebook page in memory of him:

Justin was tough as a bull and was an all-around good hand. The Captains and Crew appreciated his hard work and many contributions this past year. We will miss him terribly and wish his family all the best during this most difficult time.

One commenter's response paints a hopeful image of him now: "He's probably up in Heaven right now shooting the bull with Capt. Phil." I hope so.

It's always shocking when someone who defies danger regularly dies from another cause. In a way it reminds us that we should follow our dreams and take risks to live our lives to the fullest because we never know how or when they will be taken from us.

R.I.P., Justin.

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Image via neorik/Flickr

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