Jessica Hahn Calls Barbara Walters a Trainwrecking Slut (Basically)

Here's a name that's a blast from the past: Jessica Hahn. Remember her? The model/actress who was involved in an '80s sex scandal with televangelist Jim Bakker? Leveraged her fame for a Playboy spread?

Hahn appeared on The View today as part of the show's weeklong "Where Are They Now?" series that's apparently focused on people who were briefly in the public spotlight for murky sexual reasons. (Another guest: Amber Frey, the former massage therapist who was romantically involved with Scott Peterson.) While Hahn has always maintained that she was raped by Bakker,
Sherri Shepherd referred to the incident as "an affair" -- which prompted Hahn to lash out, taking Barbara Walters down with her.

In video of the segment, Hahn says,


This wasn't an affair. Unlike, I don't want to be cruel or anything, in your book Audition you had an affair with a Senator.

Ohhhh, snap. That's referring to Walters' confession that she shacked up with married Senator Edward Brooke in the 1970s. Walters smoothly responded, saying, "This is about you, my dear. This is not about me. OK?"  -- while someone off camera frantically waved an APPLAUSE sign and The View audience dutifully clapped.

I like to think that after the show wrapped, Hahn and Walters stripped off their jewelry and had a knife fight in the parking lot.

What do you think, was Hahn justified in bringing up Walters' affair?

Image via Flickr/Rubenstein

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