'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Reunion Part 2 Recap: Phaedra Comes Clean

Phaedra ParksOnce again the Real Housewives of Atlanta gathered around Andy Cohen to relive and revive the drama of the season on part two of the reunion. The fish of the Georgia Aquarium were still swimming in the background … which still seemed just so weird.

Tonight they tackled one of the biggest mysteries of this season -- that of Phaedra Parks and her baby’s actual due date. If you recall, she dodged, darted, and denied the real date of her baby, assuming no one had even the most basic biological knowledge. At one point she said her baby was already cooked at seven months, weighing in at 8 pounds at that point. The other ladies called bullshit, and tonight Phaedra -- after much hemming and hawing --  FINALLY admitted it was.


But instead of lying to protect her mother from the truth that her baby was conceived out of wedlock – as it seemed -- Phaedra said it was because she didn’t know what would come of the pregnancy. Apparently an abnormal amnio worried her that the baby wasn’t going to be healthy, and she was uncertain about what she would do. She didn’t want the drama to be played out on TV, so she tried to alter her reality … and got busted.

It’s still all a bit murky, but at least it sounded more believable AND she copped to the fact that she likely was pregnant before she got married. Cohen asked her flat out for the timeline of events, which she laid out like this:

Apollo got out of prison in May 2009

They were engaged in July 2009

They  married November 1, 2009

They baby was born November 14, 2010

When Andy asked if she was then married when she conceived she said, “I might have been a month pregnant when I got married.” Maybe I’m missing something, but the math still doesn’t add up to me – with these dates, she would NOT have been pregnant before they married, right? Why say she could have been? Whatever ... moving on.

Phaedra was also pushed to come clean about why her husband, Apollo, really did prison time. She said it  was racketeering, organized crime, but didn’t give any more details.

Perhaps the biggest surprise tonight was news of Phaedra’s newest baby -- a funeral home. WHAT?! Yep, that’s the business she’s attempting to enter. When asked why she wanted to buy one, she said they make a lot of money. Can you even imagine the story lines that could create on the show?

Other reunion highlights included:

Andy reading a viewer question asking why none of the Housewives will admit that Kim Zolciak can’t sing. He was met with silence until Phaedra finally piped in:

“She is not a vocalist, we know that. This woman has some curb appeal.”

Curb appeal -- that’s it exactly!

Kim and NeNe got into it once again, with a bunch of yelling, smirking, and eye rolling. Same old, same old that we’re all sick of. I’m sure they’ll make up and feud all over again next season IF they're both back. No talk of who would be on the reunion tonight.

Kim and Kandi’s dispute over record deals was really sad as Kandi seems deeply hurt by how Kim has treated her and their financial arrangement – basically screwing Kandi out of a bunch of cash. For her part, Kim played dumb and blamed the lawyers.

Phaedra’s funeral business isn’t the only new business venture for the women of the ATL. Cynthia says she’s looking to start modeling school; and Kandi may be developing a line of sex toys. Kim’s got the baby and her wig line coming; and NeNe is off to go try to impress The Donald on Celebrity Apprentice. Sheree hasn't landed a real acting gig yet, so she's back to designing clothes.

Good luck to them all.

Did you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta Part 2 Reunion? What were your favorite parts?


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