Justin Bieber in Shocking Deadly Shootout (VIDEO)

The only cure for Bieber Fever? A hail of lead, as it turns out.

In a moment of television drama last night that was either profoundly upsetting or deeply amusing, depending on your level of fandom, Justin Bieber drew a gun in a police standoff and was subsequently pumped full of bullets.

As the teen star fell to the ground, lifeless and bloody, one burning question remained: what kind of hair product was he using? Because the way his layers bounced as each round of ammunition fatally punctured a different vital organ . . . I'm just saying, it was impressive.


It turns out Bieber was wrapping up a guest role on CSI, and the final (adorable!) shootout was the end of his character as vengeful teenager Jason McCann. Hopefully all the most dedicated Beliebers were able to separate fact from fiction, but frankly I'm surprised we haven't seen any parental backlash about the role. What, that chick from Glee can't wear a low-cut dress without getting a raft of shit about her non-hooters, but Justin Bieber can shoot at a cop and no one bats an eye? Bieble standard.

Here's the video of (I can't believe I get to type this) Bieber being mowed down by gunfire. I'm not saying I condone violence, but I AM saying this gets even more awesome on repeat viewings:

Let me know when the remixes start hitting YouTube, will you?

Image via YouTube


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