Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman: Will David E. Kelley Ruin the Role?

Get out your beloved Underoos, Wonder Woman is coming back to television. Adrianne Palicki, who I LOVED as Tyra from Friday Night Lights, has been cast as the iconic female superhero in an NBC reboot of the classic comic-turned-TV-show.

Palicki will be juggling a complicated role: successful corporate executive Diana Prince, vigilante crime fighter, and modern woman trying to keep her unusual life in balance. There seems to be a lot of faith in her ability to rock the part, because she's reportedly the only actress who was invited to screen test for the coveted job of flying that invisible plane.

However, there's some advance criticism of the series -- even though no one's seen it yet.


Some are questioning whether David E. Kelley, creator of Ally McBeal and Boston Legal, is the best choice for writing a strong female character. Ally McBeal was known for depicting women as amusingly neurotic, and even inspired an infamous Time cover asking if feminism was dead.

A leaked copy of the Wonder Woman script has hit the web, and one reviewer writes,

This is a Diana that likes to sing along -- loudly -- to the radio when she’s driving into work and eat a bunch of ice cream in her pajamas because she ran into her ex-boyfriend. Some people are going to find that endearing and some people will find it annoying.

I suppose we'll just have to wait and see how it turns out, but Wonder Woman binging on Haagen-Dazs? Hmmmm. Can Palicki continue to master the art of combining vulnerability with badassery if she's forced to adhere to this kind of stereotype?

What do you think about this upcoming show? Will you be watching?

Image via Flickr/kmgsquidoo

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