'American Idol' Recap: The Fat Kid Comes in First

jc badooAmerican Idol finally delivered last night. The group round in Hollywood week is always the best. The 4 a.m. rehearsals in restrooms, the breakdowns, the popularity contests. I just love.

I will still say though that the episode did not need to be two hours long -- Randy, J. Lo, and Steven Tyler let so many non-talent hacks through that we had to listen to them suck wind again, but this time they were finally eliminated. And the judges looked surprised! Like, they didn't know that Paris with the disabled child couldn't sing? That was a shock to them? Ah, whatever, she's gone now.

There are two things that I think we need to discuss about last night. One, THE MOMS; and two, the roly-poly, razzle-dazzle, lovey-dovey 15-year-old sweetheart singing sensation, JC Badoo.


Let's start with THE MOMS. Don't tell me they didn't kill you. THE MOMS of the Minors were almost as bad as those moms on Toddlers and Tiaras who force their 3-year-olds to get spray tans and eyelash extensions. Almost. They coached their spawn with the intensity and determination unrivaled by Bobby Knight. Or Mussolini.

I will say, though, that I was surprised THE MOMS all got along. The Minors were great and I was happy to see that there are some gifted singers in this singing competition. I'm not sure if I hope we see THE MOMS again or not, but either way, they've left their mark.

Two. JC Badoo. Or as I like to call him, Gus from Cinderella. "Take it easy, Cluck Cluck!" In his spare time, JC is the chubby yet lovable mouse that lives in a mansion and carries too many corn kernels at once -- and he has the voice of an angel. Poor Gus was thrown out of his first group and was left all alone. But he pulled his shirt down over his belly, held his chin up high, and found himself accepted by the Sugar Mama and the Babies.

When it came time to perform, Gus forgot the words ... but the judges said, "No. No we will not let you end your time like that. You've been picked last for kickball your whole life, and we're sending you through because you are so freaking cute, and a pretty good singer. Not to mention you look like a cartoon mouse." Something like that. And Gus waddled off stage and burst into tears -- silver and gold droplets dripped down his chubby cheeks. He was picked first, for once.

To THE MOMS and JC -- thank you for entertaining us last night. It was about time.

What did you think of group week last night?

Photo via American Idol/Flickr

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