'Glee' Recap: Don't Underestimate Bieber Fever

Justin Bieber GleeGleeks, it was only a matter of time. The show that's used high school students to catapult pop music to the pinnacle of the iTunes download queue has finally given the Glee treatment to their real life counterpart. We just got a taste of the Justin Bieber experience.

And America, methinks Glee managed to make the Biebs ... sexy? Don't worry, it's all age appropriate Bieber loving at McKinley High. Lauren Zizes managed to turn down the heat with a bitty reminder that her heat for the Biebster was dialed down because he "looks like he's 12," but Glee taught us all a valuable lesson tonight.


Don't underestimate the power of the Biebs, or, as Mike Chang says, the "mini-god." Wise words for a member of the glee club who has spent too much time in the shadows! Because the best part of the new raft of Glee episodes? Ryan Murphy is finally giving us full-on looks at the heretofore underestimated background cast, the mini-gods who make the show rock.

This week, Sue Sylvester's back. After an attempted "Sue-icide" -- note, a Gummy Vitamin OD is the TV-acceptable way to fake your own death -- Emma Pillsbury has swung into guidance counselor mode to fix things. She's convinced a stint with the glee club to take advantage of the restorative power of music is the only way to save Sue. Naturally, Emma's the only one who believes it; even the offer of a pamphlet doesn't help. Poor Mr. Schue. He's cranky and he just found himself agreeing with Sue (or, as she puts it, "I agree with spongehair squarechin"). Ouch.

Sue settles into glee anyway by pitting Rachel against Mercedes in a diva-off. But when their voices ended up doing more melding than battling in a duet of "Take Me or Leave Me" from Rent, it's clear the real diva on Glee is ...

Brittany. Ms. Pierce is now an official fashion icon with interest from Teen Vogue. Paid by Rachel to rock the "school girl librarian chic" look, Brittany can't even get the Berry look right. She wears Rachel's leg warmers on her arms, and buys carousel horse sweaters instead of reindeer. Which is par for the course for the girl who thinks an "anthem" is "the bottom of an ant's pants." But McKinley High is eating it up, and Brittany has a few choice words for Rachel: "They see a cat getting its temperature taken, and then they hear it screaming." Raaaar. Hissss. If we didn't know better, we'd say Brittany was trying to take the bi-otch title from ...

Santana. Her manipulative side has been working overload since the season got back in gear, and her machinations are a beauty to behold. Santana says she feels like Michelle Obama these days, but she's shooting a little lower than the White House. She'll be happy ending the love affair between Quinn and ...

Sam. He's not just a pretty face with big lips. He's got the Bieber hair, and the face to make the 13-year-old bat mitzvah girls go "gaaah." And he's the one boy who's man enough to take on the Bieber songbook. When his Glee'd up version of "Baby" makes the ladies swoon, suddenly he's got ...

Artie, Mike, and Puck suffering from a case Bieber fever. Finn tells the guys, "I'm going to spend my time working on songs not geared toward 12-year-olds," but the four-part harmony of Sam and Co. on "Somebody to Love" is enough to elicit three words never before uttered about a Bieber song by anyone over the age of 13. "It was sexy." This coming from ... 

Quinn. Who last week got mono from making out with Finn, but is healthy enough this week to open her eyes and take another look at what she's been missing. Sorry Finnster, Sam "just got up there and owned" a Bieber song and Quinn's got Biebs on the brain.

Too bad for her Sam's moved on to Santana (extra points to the ex-Cheerio for making "you're Biebalicious" sound like a bona fide come on). Finn, who she just turned down for a Bieber cover artist, seems to have his taste buds yearning for Berry again. And then there's Puck, who is still gunning for Zizes -- whose take on The Waitresses' "I Know What Boys Like" gets my vote for new girl power anthem, by the way. Looks like Quinn just overestimated her capital on the McKinley High dating scene.

And while we're talking about overestimating, who didn't see this one coming? Sorry Ms. Pillsbury, but Sue's ability to make nicey-nice didn't last the episode. After convincing the team that their best shot for regionals is a jazzed up version of My Chemical Romance's "Sing," Coach Sylvester is back on top. She's the new coach of Oral Intensity ... and they'll be facing McKinley High at regionals.

I'm loving the chance to get to know some of the other characters better. Do you have a new favorite?


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