'The Bachelor' Emily Introduces Her Daughter: Is It Too Soon?

Last night, the pressure was on Emily big time to introduce The Bachelor Brad Womack to her 5-year-old daughter Ricki. He begged and pleaded and cajoled, even promised her a rose for the honor. Meanwhile Emily seemed very uncomfortable before finally revealing the truth: She has never introduced a man she is dating to Ricki.

Good for her. I wish I didn't know that she acquiesces next week and lets him meet her baby.

It's hard to judge a woman in Emily's position who lost her fiance in a plane crash just days before finding out she was pregnant with his baby. She has raised her daughter on her own as a single mom and seems to be the best of Brad's choices. I have never been in her position and would never want to be. I cannot even imagine how hard she has had it.

Still, I would like to think that if I were in her position, I would handle myself the same as she has. In other words, my children wouldn't meet anyone I was dating. So why oh why would she give in this time?


It seems like the show really turned up the pressure on her, which is pretty low even for ABC. This show is practically becoming unwatchable anyway, but to take a protective young mom and force her to introduce her daughter to a man who may or may not rip her heart out in two weeks is pretty despicable.

If she says no, they ought to respect that and, certainly, many moms would do the same. They have known each other a few weeks. There is a very strong possibility that they will break up in less than two weeks. There is an artificial time line on their relationship that makes it even more volatile than the average one. Why should she be in a position where her daughter has to be confused?

On the other hand, Emily asked for this. She is a beautiful, young, and seemingly intelligent woman. Why does she need to go on national television to find a man? She could have just as easily found one who lived in her town and wouldn't possibly dump her in a few days. She could have even tried online dating!

This is just a poor plan all around.

Do you think it's too soon to introduce the kid?


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