'The Bachelor' Recap: Does the Topless Girl Win?

Episode 7 of Season 15 of The Bachelor showed a new side of Brad -- the super honest, straight-shooter from Texas who isn't afraid to break the rules a little to be honest with the ladies.

Oh, please, who are we kidding? Brad is so not that guy, but he sure is trying. Between telling Emily that she was "definitely going to have a hometown date" and sending Brit packing on their one-on-one date as well as skipping the whole cocktail party, he was on an honesty tear.

The problem is it backfired, of course. By the end of the group date, half the girls were in tears or had been in tears, the scorned rose-less bachelorettes cried into their soup anyway, and Emily still refused to promise Brad that he could meet her daughter.

But tonight's big news was the topless debate.


Three of the women -- Michelle, Chantal, and Ashley -- went on a "group date" to shoot photos for Sports Illustrated. All the women were asked to go topless and two did.

As we will recall from the Bachelor Pad, Natalie went topless and she won the final prize. It's the topless, put out effect. There is a very fine line in Bachelor-ville. It seems going topless is seen as edgy and risque. Going all the way can be slutty, but it can also be strategic (think Amanda Marsh, season 1). Vienna also went the full tramp and walked away with Jake (what a prize). But it has backfired, too. Think Moana and Travis Stork. She was in the final two, but wasn't the girl you bring home to mommy.

It's hard to know which technique will work, but in this episode, both Ashley and Chantal went topless. And both got roses in the end.

Meanwhile, Michelle pulled Brad into her photos, climbed aboard, and dry humped his back into the sand. She is a stunning lady, but we all know that was too forward and Brad made that mighty clear later.

It seems he likes his ladies topless, BUT covering their assets with conch shells. Ashley earned the date rose and rumor has it -- SPOILER ALERT -- that Chantal takes home the final prize.

Only time will tell, but Michelle went home last night. I bet she wishes she strutted those ta-tas now. Or not. She's probably better off than whoever wins this snooze-fest.

Do you think one of the topless girls will win?


Image via ABC

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