'Kourtney & Kim Take New York' Recap: The Bodyguard!

Kris Humphries may be Kim Kardashian's Valentine's Day date, but on last night's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, we got a glimpse of former bodyguard and flame, Shengo Deane. According to Scott Disick, "Shengo shags well." And I guess Kim didn't disagree, because over the course of the episode, we saw her receive an e-mail from the guy, gush about his Australian accent, feel sparks fly when she goes out to dinner with him, bring him home and draw the curtains, go out a second time to a pool hall ("So, like, is this how I work the stick?"), after which she said she planned to "go check out his place, then I don't know!" (Uh-huh, suuurrre, Kim.) 

I can't say I blame Kim for thinking Shengo's a catch or even for considering living out a real-life Whitney Houston-Kevin Costner scenario. 


He seems genuinely into her (after their first hook-up, he tells her that the best part of being in New York so far is reconnecting with her), and simply put, he's HOT. 

But leave it to Boy Crazy Kim to take things from 0 to 80 in a matter of nanoseconds. As Kourtney says, her sister's "in love with being in love," so it's not surprising when she's checking her BlackBerry every five seconds for Shengo's texts. But I'm so glad Kourtney called her out on it!

In fact, Kourtney seemed to be wearing the mommy pants -- metaphorically, of course -- more than usual last night. She teased Kim about falling in love and being in relationships at the drop of a, err, mini dress? Once it was clear that Kim planned on continuing to see Shengo, Kourtney asked Kim to just admit that she doesn't really want to be single. (Duh.) Thankfully, Kim didn't act all phony-baloney and admitted that she just hates when her sister's right. (Of course she hates it, but what are sisters for?) I love how Kourtney brings both Kim and her baby daddy Scott down from the La-La Land clouds (yes, even in NYC) to earth. Someone needs to, desperately.

Oh yeah, speaking of Scott. (Ughhhh.) Last night, we saw him hang out with his boss Keith and some sidekick-y, sexist jerk named "Gooch." There was perpetual talk of cash, money, material success, how Scott liked the cartoon Duck Tales because it opens with one of the ducks diving into cash, how Keith spent $4,500 on golf clubs "like it was buying a club sandwich," how Scott wanted to impress a bunch of businessmen by laying his credit card down for a $3,500 tab, etc. (Stomach turning yet? It gets worse.) So, in an outlandish attempt to prove he's as Richie Rich as the rest of 'em, Scott buys a Rolls-Royce on a whim. Kourtney proceeded to call him a superficial ass****, which I tend to think is accurate.

Seriously, what does Kourtney see in Scott? When she calls him out on his immature, irresponsible behavior, he whines that it would be "humiliating" to take the car back. What a little baby. Thank goodness, he finally realizes she's the only one in that hotel room of theirs with any common sense, and he calls his boss for help returning the car. It was refreshing to hear Keith say, "You gotta be saving more, not spending." Hello! That's, "like," the key to being truly wealthy.

In the end, Scott got out of the doghouse, Kim semi-admitted she'd like to get married down under, and Kourtney ... well, I wonder if she ever gets frustrated since it seems Mason isn't the only child in her life?

Do you like Kim with Shengo? Do you like how Kourtney handled Kim and Scott last night? 


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