'Live to Dance' Recap: The Tweens Duke It Out

Live to Dance D'Angelo Amanda
D'Angelo & Amanda on Live to Dance
It all came down to this! The Live to Dance season finale aired tonight barely a month after the season started, and it was kinda sad to see it go. Of course, as we probably should have expected, it ended up being all about the little kids. I mean, who doesn't want a tween to win $500,000 for dancing their little heart out?

But before we got to that, the night started with one huge group routine. Each act got their time to shine, but some of the best moments came when members from different acts danced together -- like when guys from Dance Town Chaos lifted up Amanda, and when Kendall danced with the guy from Twitch. It was exciting to see and something I wish they could have done earlier in the season like they do on So You Think You Can Dance.

Then we got to the top three and I thought: America, what is wrong with you?!


You didn't want Twitch in the top three? Really?! I love White Tree Fine Art, but I was shocked that they made the top three over Twitch.

So who else made the top three? D'Angelo & Amanda (understandable) and Kendall Glover (big fat DUH!). Each took the stage one last time and performed their routine from the semi-finals. I was disappointed that they didn't have a new routine, but it was nice to see them dance again.

The rest of the episode was showing the highlights of a show too short to really have highlights. I mean, was that just me? Like, did we need a montage of people who didn't even make it into the semi-finals? That was followed by montages of every performance of the last four weeks.

But at least that made more sense than giving Chi-Town's Finest Breakers a car. The sentiment is great, but why them and why, of all things, a car? I think it would've been better to give them money to help their work with teaching other children how to break-dance.

Anyway, it ultimately came down to Kendall Glover and D'Angelo & Amanda. After making them stand there for what must have seemed like hours to them, D'Angelo & Amanda won! I was really bummed that Kendall didn't win, but they were too cute for words in their excitement, so it was adorable.

Are you happy that D'Angelo & Amanda won Live to Dance?


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