'The Bachelor' Recap: Is Michelle This Season's Psycho?

The sixth episode of Season 15 of The Bachelor took the ladies and Brad to beautiful, gorgeous, lush Costa Rica.

Brad finally grew some balls during this episode. Has anyone else noticed that he has been a giant brown noser this whole season? It's entirely possible that ABC forced him to finally grow a pair tonight and dump some of the ladies. On the group date, he didn't give out a rose even though Jackie did her best to express that she was terrified to be rappelling down a waterfall.

Then, on the one on one with Alli, he sent her packing. It was the first time he has done that all season.

So, good for him. But the main drama of the evening came from Michelle. Oh, Michelle. Every season there is one super catty psycho and, this season, that would be Michelle. In honor of her insanity, here are the 5 signs she is this season's psycho.

  1. She scares him: Brad told her she scares him. Often. And not in a good way.
  2. Insane lines: She says things like, "Oh, if you pick her, I just know you can't like me ..." Every season some witch trots this line out and, this season, that would be Michelle.
  3. She is beautiful: The most beautiful girl is almost inevitably the craziest. Think Rozlyn Papa, the woman who got kicked off Jake's season.
  4. Desperation: "I want more children. I want to be married," all said with sad, puppy eyes, tears, and a generous amount of twitching.
  5. Stalking: The girl who sneaks into the Bachelor's room is usually a psycho-pants and, in this case, it was Michelle. Bad move. Although, as a little aside: If it's POSSIBLE to do that, why do more girls not do this? I don't get it. It's like ABC pushes it behind the scenes for certain girls. I wouldn't be surprised in the least to learn that ABC orchestrated this particular night walk.

All in all, this episode was a little personally painful for me given that I lived for a few months in Costa Rica when I was younger and now it has become a Bachelor destination. They scream about bugs and basically don't appreciate all the natural beauty around them because they're too caught up in the internal drama. Terrible.

In the end, he gave Michelle the rose (of course) and sent Jackie packing. Not surprising. I swear it's written in the contract that the psycho stays.

Do you think Michelle is nuts?

Image via ABC

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