Joan Rivers Go Daddy Ad: If You Were Offended, It Worked

As as soon as the Go Daddy commercial aired during the Super Bowl yesterday, Twitter lit up with women complaining about how sexist and awful the web hosting company is. has long been known for selling an inherently non-sexy service with tits and ass. Past Go Daddy girls include Indy car racer Danica Patrick, WWE star Candice Michelle, and trainer-extraordinaire Jillian Michaels. A 2005 Go Daddy Super Bowl ad was so salacious Fox pulled the commercial -- making it, naturally, one of the most watched Super Bowl ads in history.

Yesterday's commercial looked like it was going to follow the same cheeky formula, with Jillian Michaels and Danica Patrick introducing the new, hot Go Daddy girl . . . then, well, take a look:



Yes, that's Joan Rivers' 77-year-old head on a smoking-hot body. If you believe Joan's tweet, that's all her, baby: "Yes, yes, yes, it's my body in the @GoDaddy ad."

(Duh, of course it's not. The comedienne's body double is Tabitha Taylor, who starred in the most watched Super Bowl commercial back in 2009.)

So, a plastic head topping a plastic man-fantasy body -- did I laugh? No, I didn't think it was all that entertaining. Was everyone immediately talking about Go Daddy, the one overarching goal of any company spending that kind of cash to advertise during the Super Bowl? You bet. If you were offended and immediately tweeted about it, you just sent more eyeballs their way. Go Daddy wins.

Do you think the Joan Rivers ad is sexist? Does it matter?

Image via YouTube

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