Justin Bieber, a Jon Stewart Body Snatching Victim (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart Justin Bieber Daily Show

Did you see Jon Stewart and The Daily Show caught "Bieber Fever" last night. Yep, Justin Bieber himself opened Thursday night's show, all suited up and sitting in Jon Stewart's famed news desk seat. Soon enough, though, we found out that it wasn't really Justin Bieber kicking off the show but Jon Stewart in his body-snatched Bieber form.

Total crackup. No one, it seems, can avoid Bieber-mania!


A dismayed Jon Stewart (aka Justin Bieber trapped inside Jon Stewart's body) showed up, all " yo yo yo" and zipped up in a Bieber hoodie. The two chatted about their body switcheroo, and Justin (Jon) begged to have his young pretty boy body back.

The best part was when Jon-trapped-inside-Justin asked to do something one last time before they switched back to their original bodies. He then swept his hand across the beloved Justin Bieber hair and said:

The hair ... It's just so natural ... It's just so pure ...

See the video for yourself:

What'd you think of the silly Justin Bieber skit on The Daily Show?


Image via Hulu

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