Charlie Sheen Rehabs at Home: Is Money-Grubbing Network to Blame?

A couple days ago, Charlie Sheen's $8 million Los Angeles home was the setting for a 36-hour drug- and alcohol-fueled porn star binge that ended in his hospitalization after he "laughed too hard while watching TV" and triggered extreme hernia pain.

Now this same 5-bedroom Mulholland estate is reportedly where the 45-year-old actor will be receiving rehab treatment.

I am surely not the only person questioning whether at-home treatment is the best method of dealing with what has clearly become a raging, out-of-control addiction for a guy with all the money and resources in the world at his disposal—but what I'm really wondering is how responsible CBS is for this decision.


Right after Sheen was rushed to the hospital then voluntarily (and apparently briefly) entered a treatment center one day later, CBS released an official statement that the network was "profoundly concerned for his health and well-being," and that the show Two and a Half Men would be put on production hiatus.

However, by Sheen rehabilitating at home, the show may be able to get back on a regular schedule sooner rather than later.

There are several episodes left to shoot this season, and shutting down the series could result in a loss of millions for the network. There must also be pressure from people within the show who are worried about their paychecks; the 300+ Two and a Half Men crew members were allegedly only “partially compensated” when production halted for Sheen’s rehab last February.

Despite all the concern the network has expressed for Sheen's well-being, the fact remains that this situation has to be about money for them. Two and a Half Men is (for some bizarre reason) the most-watched comedy on television, and the show grossed CBS more than $155 million in ad revenue last season alone.

So while CBS scrambles to fill the time slot for the on-hiatus show, they must also be thinking of how to get it back on the air as soon as possible. Having Sheen at home and available for filming while outwardly "in rehab" may well be the best strategy for making the most of their cash cow—but it surely can't be the most effective way to help him get healthy in the long term.

Do you think CBS had a hand in Charlie Sheen's home rehab choice?

Image via CBS

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