‘Glee’ Apologizes to Lindsay Lohan -- Why?

lindsay lohanHow many times has Lindsay Lohan been to rehab? Three, four times? At least that many. Add to that the whole jail thing and she’s a walking, talking, semi-free target. Why should it be any surprise that a show like Glee would poke fun at her endless ups and downs (okay, let’s be honest, mostly downs)? 

In an episode last season, guest star Gwyneth Paltrow played a kooky Spanish teacher who asked her class, “Lindsay Lohan is totally crazy, right? How many times has Lindsay Lohan gone to rehab?"

Lindsay was actually in rehab at the time and reportedly was offended. So this year, when the cast saw her out at a restaurant following the SAG awards, they went up and personally apologized

The question is, why?


Television makes fun of pop culture all the time. Some shows, like Saturday Night Live, are built upon that very foundation. Even insensitive topics receive the humor treatment on a regular basis. And it’s not like Lindsay is the first person Glee has ever made fun of -- the show is known for its plays on pop culture. She should know not to take anything coming out of a fictional television show to heart.

Plus, Lindsay seems to fall into the “any publicity is good publicity” camp, between her photo ops and endless tweeting. All this did (both the original episode and the apology) was boost her visibility at a time when her career is clearly headed into the toilet. Not that she has to be happy with being made fun of, but she’s getting the publicity she keeps asking for.

And of course, there IS the fact that she HAS been to rehab about a zillion times. She’s been to jail (and might be headed back thanks to her new theft charges). She’s acted 12 different kinds of crazy between the multiple breakups with Sam Ronson and the antics with her family. Clearly she needs help. Rehab doesn’t always take the first or second time. There’s no shame in that. But you have to admit, going right back to the same behaviors after rehab leaves a ginormous target on your back.

It was nice of the Glee kids to apologize, but the point is, they never should have had to. Lindsay got herself where she is all by herself. She can take her lumps with the rest of us. 

Do you think the cast of Glee should have apologized to Lindsay Lohan?


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