Casey Abrams on 'American Idol': Classic Bait and Switch (VIDEO)

He said he didn't understand why people compare him to Seth Rogen, but maybe American Idol hopeful Casey Abrams should take in a viewing of Pineapple Express because hello, dude. Twinsies.

Abrams was basically the only worthy entertainment in last night's Idol, which, yes, I watched, shut up. (Mostly because I am obsessed with Jennifer Lopez's unnaturally perfect skin and I keep hoping to catch a glimpse of the latex mask that's surely pulled over her freakish lizard V face.)

The Idyllwild, California native's pre-audition setup had me convinced he was going to be one of those cringeworthy people who cluelessly belt out some sort of dying-caribou sound in front of the judges, then have the nerve to stand there looking weepy when they're told not to quit their day job.


I'm just saying, the fact that he was clinging to something called a Melodica—a keyboard/harmonica hybrid that looked like it came from Fisher Price—like it was Linus's blanket didn't immediately fill me with confidence for his singing abilities.

Then he finally got in front of the judges, opened his mouth, and ... holy crap.

Abrams (who is totally Seth Rogen's little brother) launched into a kickass version of "I Don't Need No Doctor" by Ray Charles like a BOSS, you guys. If you didn't suffer through the full hour of crap TV last night, here's the best part of the show:

The three judges sent him on his way with a group shout of "YES!" and the last golden ticket of the night.

Man, and I was so convinced he was going to bomb. Well played, American Idol. I grudgingly bow to your occasionally brilliant editing.

What did you think about Casey Abrams? Can you see him in the top 10?


Image via Fox

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