'Bachelorette' Loser Finds Love After All!

chris l. and peytonI just love it when two normal people find love. Normal people on reality shows, that is. Because that's a whole different class of normal, since they're automatically kinda crazy for going on reality TV.

ANYWAY, two of my fave normals from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have fallen in normal love. It's Chris Lambton, a finalist from Ali's Bachelorette season, and Peyton Wright, from crazy Jake's season. Yay!

"I love her and I'm so happy to be with her," Chris told Us Weekly at The Bachelor reunion party in NYC.

Bachelor reunion party in NYC?!


Why didn't I know about this? If the reunions are anything like the Bachelor Pad, and I can safely assume they are, then that is one wild party that you and I missed out on.

But Chris and Peyton. Cute, right? Chris was kinda boring and super shy on Ali's season, but I always thought he'd be great when the cameras weren't around. Love his Boston accent and how close he is with his family. I'm glad Ali ditched him -- I think Peyton's a better match.

And you know what, the one good thing that came from this show, well two good things -- one, meeting Peyton and two, the strong friendships I made. I have no regrets about doing the show.

He's so sweet. He really seemed like he wanted to find love, and it's great he found Peyton, who seems to be keeping things legit. She made him be her boyfriend.

I made him! I'm like, "Are we going to define this?" And he said, "Peyton, will you be my girlfriend?"

OK, now I'm a little nauseous, but happy for you two kids! Just no more reality shows, OK? Stay off camera and stay in love. Words to live by.

Are you happy that Peyton and Chris got together?

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