'American Idol': Will Lauren Alaina Win It All?

Lauren AlainaAmerican Idol last night was 56 minutes of drivel, and four minutes of inspiration. In those final four minutes of the show, we forgot for a second about our cell phone bills, our conference call tomorrow, and the laundry piling up. We forgot about ourselves and got lost in the talent of 15-year-old frizzy-haired Lauren Alaina, with a voice as smooth and soothing as warm butter melting over apple pie.

Don't act like I'm the only one who puts butter on her pie.

Lauren, with her chubby cheeks and wearing a dress that I donated to the Salvation Army back in 1989, sang her way into our lives last night. And Steven Tyler, J.Lo, and Randy Jackson agree that she's the best they've seen. Can she win it all?


There's a darn-tootin' good chance she might take home the grand prize.

If this were any other reality show, I'd be suspicious of the producers getting us all excited about one contestant, leading us to think she's the best out there. We all know that, generally speaking, producers of reality shows that don't have a live component already know the ending.

But on Idol, we decide the winner and it's in real-time, so there couldn't be a hidden agenda. So now I'm wondering who Lauren Alaina is related to on the Fox staff to get this kind of major plug.

I mean, I'm sitting here writing about how everyone thinks she's going to win. What publicity ... and pressure!

It will be interesting to watch Lauren's story play out this season. She's got the talent, the Georgia accent that just won't quit, and the bubbly charm of a happy teen that appeals to all ages. And mass appeal equals massive votes.

Do you think Lauren will go all the way or buckle under the pressure?

Photo via AmericanIdol.com

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