Real Housewives (Drag Queens?) of Miami Adds a 'Man' to the Mix (VIDEO)

drag queen elaine lancaster
Housewife Elaine Lancaster (aka James Davis)
The Real Housewives franchise is spreading to yet another city. The next installment, due in the first half of this year, will feature the oh-so-fabulous ladies of South Beach in Miami. And boy are the producers mixing it up big time. Guess what Bravo plans to do?


They're adding a drag queen to the cast! Holy Size 15 Manolos, Batman! I know, I know. You thought that Teresa Giudice was the original gender-bending housewife. Well, you were dead wrong.

The first cross-dressing housewife will be Elaine Lancaster (aka James Davis). Elaine will appear as both James and Elaine during the filming of the show. And I for one think it's a great idea. So I looked into Ms. Lancaster and found out a few tidbits:

Elaine took her stage name from Elaine Conti and Karen Lancaster, two fictional divas featured in Joan Collins' trashy tour de force Hollywood Wives. (How fitting is that?)

She's BFFs with Dennis Rodman.

Elaine's illusion of the oft-impersonated Cher has been lauded by Cher herself.

Here's a little taste of Kim Zolciak Elaine Lancaster in a video in which she slams controversial gossip columnist Perez Hilton:

Can. Not. Wait.

Oh, and the other cast members? If we care? So far basketball player Scottie Pippen's wife, Larsa, has signed on. And other wives are rumored to be: Art scene socialite Adriana Sidi, Venue magazine editor Alexia Echeverria, public relations expert Marysol Patton, and charity planner Lea Black.

Zzzzz ... this cast needed an injection of glamour.

So bring on the glitter, the platforms, and the over-the-top makeup! (And I don't mean you, Tamra Barney.)

Will you be watching The Real Housewives of Miami?

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