'Idol' Waitress Fired Over Audition: What Did She Expect?

Devyn Rush was introduced on American Idol as "the singing waitress," but apparently she's going to have to drop the latter part of that job title.

After making it through the initial judges' critique, Rush told her bosses at Ellen's Stardust Diner in New York City that she'd need to take a few days off work for the Hollywood auditions. Unfortunately, when Rush returned, she was told her services were no longer needed.

Hey, does this pink slip go with my golden ticket?


Employees at the diner told TMZ that they couldn’t hold Rush's spot because the Hollywood trip happened during the diner’s busy season, and there was no way they could get by without hiring someone to take her shift. Of course, now that the story has hit the press, a representative for Ellen's is saying the issue is in “limbo” and both sides are trying to work it out.

This story got a lot of play yesterday and I think everyone's supposed to feel sorry for Devyn, who was, after all, just following her dream. Did she really deserve to get fired?

Well, maybe not, but I remember what it was like to work entry-level jobs, and I can't see how this is remotely surprising. It doesn't sound like she received permission for time off, she simply informed them she'd be gone; I'm pretty sure I would have been let go from any number of jobs I held when I was her age had I done the same thing. Not to mention the fact that she would have surely quit in a heartbeat had that Idol gig panned out for her.

Dick move on the diner's part? Yeah, probably. Welcome to the real world, Devyn. Keep shooting for the stars, girl, but in the meantime: cover your ass.

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