Oprah's Long Lost Sister Can Keep a Secret (Could You?)

oprahThe emotional sit-down between Oprah Winfrey and Patricia, the sister she never knew existed, was grab-the-tissues television at its best. But something else about the reunion put a smile on my face. It was abundantly clear during yesterday's tear-soaked episode that Patricia wasn't aiming to cash in on O's billion (or so) buckeroos.


The Milwaukee mom was pretty certain for three years that she was Oprah's little sister. She even sent emails to the talk show star revealing her suspicions. (Yeah, bet she's not the only one.) But even though chances were slim that she would ever actually make contact with Winfrey, she didn't sell her big sis out. And she easily could have. Apparently tabloids offered Patricia big bucks for her revelation -- all to no avail. Educated guess on the amount she turned down? A cool million.

Other stars haven't been so lucky. Celebrity inside dope is a huge money-making venture and relatives are often more than happy to profit.

Madonna hasn't spoken to her brother Christopher Ciccone since he published a tell-all on her personal life. My Life With My Sister Madonna painted an unflattering portrait of the Material Girl and now she won't return her little bro's calls.

Jennifer Aniston became estranged from her mother, Nancy Dow, after mom made unflattering comments about her daughter on a talk show in 1996. In 1999, Dow penned From Mother and Daughter to Friends, a memoir about Jennifer's childhood, further severing their bond. Relations between the two reportedly warmed a bit years later after Aniston's divorce from Brad Pitt.

But books aren't the only way to hitch a ride on the celeb gravy train. Every day the Dina and Michael Lohans of the world cash in with the tabs detailing their daughter's ongoing troubles. Demi Lovato's father, Patrick, has been blabbing about a daughter he doesn't even see to whoever will listen.

So kudos to Patricia. In this day and age, it's exceedingly rare to see someone who knows and appreciates the true meaning of family.

Oprah's a lucky gal.

Do you think it's impressive that Oprah's sister didn't sell her out? Would you have the same self-control?

Image via Alan Light/Flickr

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