Is 'Orange County Choppers' Next on the Reality Show Chopping Block?

Orange County ChoppersI love anything on the Discovery Channel and consider most of the stars on the shows closer to me than family, so it was pretty hard to hear that Orange County Choppers is under foreclosure. As if the strain of Paul Senior and Paul Junior's split wasn't enough to bear, now this. Someone hand me some aspirin.

The lender that financed the new headquarters of the Orange County Choppers is owed mortgage payments of $96,000 and $14,000. Apparently, OCC didn't make the payments because they wanted to renegotiate the loan agreement since the value of their property has significantly decreased over the last year or two.

With so many reality show stars filing for bankruptcy and facing foreclosure, is Orange County Choppers just another casualty of quick fame and fortune?


Let's see, there's Teresa Giudice from the RHONJ, there's Alexis Bellino from the RHOC, and Lisa Wu Hartwell from the RHOA. All of them have faced foreclosure or bankruptcy. Then of course there's reality stars Michaele and Tareq Salahi from RHODC, Kate Gosselin, and who could forget Heidi and Spencer Pratt?

It's easy to see that reality stars have a tough time with money. The cash and notoriety seem to go to their heads, telling them to preserve their image, no matter what cost. But I thought that Paul Sr. was above all that. He seems way more down to earth than most other reality clowns. I mean, he has a handlebar mustache. That's got to be worth something!

And thankfully, it looks like Paul Sr. and his bike shop will be OK -- the foreclosure will serve to restart the loan negotiations. It's not like the lender wants to seize the property (I'm not a real-estate expert, but I would guess that the re-sale value on an $11 million custom motorcycle shop might not be that high) so the lawyers will talk, and money will exchange hands once an agreement is reached.

And who knows, maybe this scuttlebutt will somehow bring Paul Sr., Paulie, and Mike back together. That would be a great silver, or rather, chrome lining.


Photo via Dilip Vishwanat/Getty

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