'The Bachelor' Recap: Good Girls vs. Bad Ones

Episode 4 of Season 15 of The Bachelor was the usual whine, cry, drama fest, and even though ABC promised us a secret would be revealed, it was pretty uneventful.

There were two one on one dates and one giant group date. His two one on ones were with Chantal and Michelle, both of whom were forced to face their "biggest fears," neither of which was all that intriguing.

Quick recap: I'm so scared. Oh Brad, help me. Oh Brad, I overcame it because I love you. Wow, love rocks. The end.

Seriously, Season 15, is this all you've got?


In the past, the show has always hooked me with the drama, but this season actually feels like manufactured drama. There is no one over-the-top, hyperventilating freaky girl who we fear might stalk Brad. They are all relatively sane, albeit manipulative, and the "craziest" woman -- Ashley H. -- is a dentist.

But then, is someone really "crazy" if they feel awkward and uncomfortable sitting in a hot tub with 15 other women? Keep in mind, she is waiting for her 10-minute stint with a man whose voice sounds disturbingly and repeatedly like George W. Bush's?

The decision to go on this show is bizarre. So yes, Ashley H. knew the risks. She knew she would likely be stuck in a hot tub with multiple women more often than she would be in a hot air balloon over the Sahara with one beautiful man. I would never, in a million years, ever consider going on a dating show like this for that exact reason. I couldn't take the competition.

As in all past seasons, the women turn on one another, say how awful they are, and there is always the inevitable "if he likes her then he can't possibly like me" line. This season, that line was Michelle's and she was talking about Chantal. If I were Brad, Michelle would be setting off warning bells like nobody's business. She is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous but so manipulative and conniving.

I still can't get a full read on her, actually. There are times she seems just mature and above it all and times she seems downright evil. It could be editing. It could be the dramatic music, which took me 15 seasons to notice, but now I can't stop hearing it. If I had to guess, they are setting her up as the villainess -- the Moana, if you will -- and they are setting Chantal up as the good girl. In the end, it will be between the two of them.

The good girl always, always wins. Give it up now, Michelle.

What is your prediction?

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