Antoine Dodson Reality Show: Will It Be So Dumb, Really Dumb, For Real?

You knew this was coming, right? I mean, it was only a matter of time before Antoine Dodson of 'Bed Intruder' fame took things to the next level. A guy can't keep himself in bandanas from Sex Offender app royalties forever, after all.

There are two sure-fire ways to fame and fortune in America these days, and if you don't have anyone handy to sue, you do the next best thing: you get yourself a reality show.

Which is exactly what Dodson has done. Go, Antoine! Run and tell that, homeboy.


The pilot, which is produced by Entertainment One and still seeking a network distribution deal, purports to focus on Dodson's post-Bed Intruder life. Sounds a bit weak, especially when you factor in Dodson's statement ("I'm looking forward to exposing my other talents and really taking this industry by storm!"), but the actual show description makes me think there might actually be an interesting story to reveal:

"(The show) tracks Antoine, the oldest of six siblings, using the money he is making from his hit song on iTunes and his best-selling Halloween costume to make a fresh start for the Dodson clan on the West Coast. With a potential new record deal in the works and money coming in from a variety of avenues, we show how a news story sparked a new life for him and his family."

I like the idea of hearing what good he's done with this unexpected windfall, don't you? Apparently iTunes sales of the Bed Intruder song have helped Dodson move his family out of the projects and set up a foundation for juvenile diabetes, which both his mother and his sister have.

Still, I'm guessing what they'll want more than anything on the show is Dodson being as over-the-top as he was in the original YouTube clip, and how many times can he really mention hiding wives and kids before we all change the channel?

Would you watch Antoine Dodson's reality show, if only to check it out?

Image via YouTube

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