Could Jacee Badeaux Be the Next American Idol?

The good news is, there's an interesting young competitor that made it to Hollywood on American Idol this week. The bad news is 1) he's not going to be able to avoid being compared to Justin Bieber, and 2) worse, he's already being called a pudgy Justin Bieber.

Let's hope Jacee Badeaux has a thick skin, because he's getting a hell of a lot of attention right now for his amazing performance on Idol last night.


Badeaux is a 15-year-old native from Lafayette, Louisiana, where he's a sophomore at Lafayette High School's Performing Arts Academy. While Badeaux is very young, he's already earned a number of accolades for his singing—he was one of 20 first tenors named to Louisiana's All-State Mixed Choir in 2009, and he also sang in the Youth Choir at First Baptist Lafayette's Christmas Fantasia last year.

Badeaux performed his rendition of Otis Redding's "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" on last night's show, and had no trouble getting his golden ticket. In fact, the judges were downright ecstatic.

Jennifer Lopez, the Insipid One Who Clearly Gets a Lot of Expensive Facials
: "You are soooo sweet and sooooo cute!"

Randy Jackson, the Most Un-Street Gangsta Dawg Ever to Hit Primetime
: "Nice, nice! I like this dude!"

Steven Tyler, the New Paula, in the Sense That He Seems Chemically Unbalanced and Says Weird Shit All the Time
: "Looking at you singing and closing my eyes ... in and of itself was like a work of art, a thing of beauty."
I was pretty impressed with the video of Badeaux's audition, which you can check out here if you missed it:

Seems like a smart and talented kid, but it's hard to imagine a 15-year-old making it through all those grueling Hollywood performances. What's your guess, you think he'll progress on the show?

Image via YouTube

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