'American Idol' Recap: Is Steven Tyler the New Paula?

Steven TylerDid you all watch American Idol last night? Of course you did. How could you not, what with all the new changes (hello, Steven Tyler and J.Lo!). But true to Idol form, there were times that I got goose bumps and times I had to cover my eyes because I couldn’t handle the awkwardness. But that’s what makes the show great -- we get to be inspired by those with a talent, and we get to feel superior to those without. Yay us!

But one thing bothered me. Is Steven Tyler the new Paula? Goodness knows we need another Paula like we need another Vicodin with our vodka. He has me a little worried.


Don’t tell me you didn’t see the similarities. The crazy hair, the loopy behavior, the stunted sentences of an over-served mom trying to play it cool at her son’s wedding -- it’s all so Paula. I was half expecting him to shut his eyes and seal-clap, babbling something about “good heart” and “beautiful soul." Or I thought he might start pawing at J.Lo, cooing over her like Paula rubbing Simon’s bicep. But there is something a little more lovable about Steven than Paula, isn’t there? 

Steven’s got the energy. He sings along, he plays drums on the table, and he looks like he’s thrilled to be there. So refreshing! I love that he flirts (innocently?) with the 15-year-old girls, checks out J.Lo’s booty (who wouldn’t?), and has FUN. Paula didn’t. Paula slurred her way through every episode and counted her money during the commercial breaks.

Steven, although a little nutty like Ms. Abdul, is going to be a pleasure to watch. (Cue loud high-pitched rocker scream.) But like I said earlier, he’s going to need to step up on the advice-giving. But I’ll give him, and J.Lo and Randy, a break during the audition process. The early stage of Idol is not about molding young talent -- it's about saying yes or no. Either you’re going to Hollywood or you’re going back to your van down by the river.

I'm actually super psyched about Season 10. With Steven's adorable affability and liveliness, this season could be the breath of fresh air that Fox, you, and I have been gasping for. Oh, and Steven? Keep it up. Every moment with you is a moment I treasure -- I don't wanna close my eyes, I don't wanna fall asleep, 'cuz I'd miss you babe, and I don't wanna miss a thing.


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