'Live to Dance' Recap: Who Doesn't Deserve to Be There

Live to Dance D'Angelo & AmandaLive to Dance has one more week of semi-finals, and I'm still wondering how some of these people made it this far. It's not that the show is bad, it's just not as good as expected. Then again, some of these acts are so great that it's a wonder they aren't let straight through to the end.

Take, for instance, D'Angelo & Amanda, who America voted as the second slot in the finals. Those are the most talented kids they have on this show, and they certainly deserve to compete alongside The Vibe and the other acts who make it.

Speaking of which, let's get to tonight's performances, shall we?


Jalen, the adorable breakdancer we fell in love with way back when, showed off some new moves and was better than I thought he'd be.

Dance in Flight bored me almost to tears even with the lifts and tricks they did. I was definitely underwhelmed.

Twitch blew me away and they were even better this time than in the first audition! Their style is great, their technique is amazing, they are such a great part of this competition.

Du-Shaunt Stegall did well, but it wasn't good enough to keep a captive audience. Poor kid got three red stars and doesn't really stand a chance.

Dax & Sarah also failed to impress. Maybe it was his back injury, but that routine didn't have enough energy, certainly not for a lindy hop.

White Tree Fine Art is incredibly talented, but I agree with Travis: I just don't like them as much as I want to.

It was somewhat surprising when they chose to put through White Tree Fine Art instead of Twitch, but it goes along with my theory that they select the act they don't think will get the points. They assume everyone will vote for Twitch because they've been an audience favorite since the start. It certainly worked last week, so I'm sure that's still their approach.

Do you think all of the Live to Dance semi-finalists deserve to be there?


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