Why Can't the 'Bachelor' Ladies Stop Crying?

Will the ladies on The Bachelor never learn? Just as in past seasons, Season 15 is full of crying fits, emotional "journeys," and bids for attention in the way of emotional breakdowns. And never once, in all those seasons, have the women who cried early on made it through to the last round.

Because (duh), it turns out, tears are a turnoff for men. But it isn't just that. They're also a sign that these ladies -- the ones who have gone on national television to find love! -- are not as emotionally stable as we might hope. Therefore, ladies, you're out of luck.

So, Ashley S. and Emily might think they scored points by being so open emotionally, but I always get the sense that what the Bachelor really means by "being open" is being easy sexually. Although, even that has backfired.

Ladies, instead of acting like nincompoops, how about we keep our eyes dry, heads held high, and behave like the professional, intelligent women we allegedly are.


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to deduce that tears aren't great motivators. If we cry to our bosses, we will not get raises. Instead we will get labeled "emotionally unstable" and everyone will tiptoe around us trying not to upset us. So, why, ladies, is it so hard to reason that men will be turned off by our sobbing?

Show a man your soft side, but at least wait until he has seen your good side first! Think back on Bachelor episodes past. When have the criers ever made it into the final three? Um, basically never. If you can't handle the heat, don't sign up for a dating reality show where your man dates 30 other women. Is that really so hard to grasp?

Personally, I held my tears for at least the first six months of every major relationship I was in. Sure it's nice to be vulnerable, but it's nice to be strong and men are simple creatures. To them, tears are a sign of weakness. Not always, of course. If your dog dies, blubber away. But don't cry over your man until well after he has told you he loves you.

Otherwise, it's bye-bye rose and hello break-up.

When did you first cry in front of your guy?


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