'The Bachelor' Recap: Shrinks All Around & on the House

The third episode of Season 15 of The Bachelor was an emotionally draining two hours full of tears -- and not just from the ladies.

The episode included two one-on-one dates, one with Ashley S. and the second with Emily (Barbie girl). Then there was the group date, full of the typical amount of insanity, envy, and catty behavior.

Of course, if two things have defined all the last 15 seasons of The Bachelor, it's cattiness and emotional drama, both of which were present and accounted for in Monday's episode. The main event of the night was emotional turmoil. Or, as one of my friend's Facebook status updates read: "Am I watching an episode of The Bachelor or Dr. Phil?"

Indeed. **Spoilers ahead**


The emotions were the big news of the night. First Ashley S. lost it over the Seal song she and Brad sang (and then were serenaded by). Apparently her dad's favorite artist was Seal and he died a couple years ago. Now, I wasn't aware that anyone's favorite artist was Seal. That aside, obviously it's horrible that she lost her father. I also lost a parent too young and I feel for her very much.

That said, why are the women always revealing these intimate details of their lives and sobbing on what amounts to a first (real) date? Something smells a little fishy and I would just like to hope that these women aren't exploiting their personal tragedies in order to gain points with Brad for "opening up" or whatever psycho babble-like term the Bachelor is currently encouraging.

In real life, "opening up" is a much more organic process. Usually we ladies like to reserve our emotional breakdowns until at least after the word "boyfriend" is appropriate.

Our next emotional breakdown was on the second one-on-one date. It started earlier in the day when all the women cried as Emily told the sad tale of losing her fiance and then finding out she was pregnant with his child (at 18!). Then she relayed the tale to Brad who didn't cry, but did give her a rose.

Um, did he have a choice? Not that I'm suggesting he would have stiffed her, but come on. The girl just cried and told a truly tragic story. What other option did the guy have?

The next emotional drama came from Brad himself. Although he mostly remained dry-eyed, he did talk a whole lot of feeling talk with his LA-based shrink. I don't remember any past Bachelors having on set shrinks (though Pavelka surely should have), so clearly someone is worried Brad isn't as emotionally stable as most men who choose to go on national television in order to have 30 women compete to love him.

I mean, what? That's a totally normal desire, right?

The final (and probably biggest) drama of the evening came when vampire Madison, the model with pointy teeth, chose to leave rather than wait for a rose. It's a wonder it doesn't happen more often. More shocking than her departure, of course, was the fact that she acted as though he rejected her. Big fat tears, lots o' drama. Yawn. This chick was clearly just rejecting him to avoid rejection, which I get from a sane woman's perspective, but her filed incisors tell me sanity isn't Madison's claim to fame.

Whew. All that and it seems like next week includes even more drama. Can't wait!

What did you think of the episode?

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