'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Bus Brawl!

NeNe LeakesThings have been so nice between Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes during this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, that any memories of the whole choking incident of last season had been blurred by their bonding over wine and making fun of Cynthia's friendship contract. One wondered how they could put such animosity behind them so easily, but tonight it was clear they hadn't as they brawled aboard the tour bus -- the tour bus from hell.

Can you imagine being cooped up on a bus with Kim Zolciak traveling cross country? Between her complaining, shouting for her assistant, Sweetie (Sweee-tieeee!), and demanding cigarette breaks every other second, Kandi looked ready to jump from the speeding vehicle at any minute. And that may have been a less painful option.


It's hard to feel sorry for Kandi, though, because she invited Kim on this tour and does little to shut her up. Kandi seems so strong in many ways, so it's strange that she doesn't put Kim in her place more often. Is "Tardy for the Party" that big of a hit to put up with Kim and all of her antics?

But as annoying and obnoxious as Kim is -- and she's REALLY annoying and obnoxious -- NeNe actually trumped her tonight when she boarded the bus. While NeNe's straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is style is typically somewhat enjoyable and entertaining, tonight she just seemed straight up mean and a little crazy. Maybe a little drunk too?

Everyone knows Kim can't sing -- even Kim, I do believe -- but you're not supposed to tell her that. Apparently her "friend" NeNe didn't get that memo and made it her job to tell Kim just how much of a joke she is.

"Lord have mercy, Kim thinks she's a pop star," NeNe told the camera, which Kim will obviously see at some point.. "Kim is not a singer. She’s not a vocalist, and that’s just the truth."

To Kim's face she told her she's "second best" and called her a Lady GaGa wannabe. Kim shot back by calling NeNe an "intern" at the local television station. But it was when NeNe went after Kim's treatment of Sweetie, that she really crossed the line. She called her Kim's "slave," and the people on the bus went silent ... including Sweetie who was right there.

Now, Kim is obnoxious, and she is constantly yelling for Sweetie to do this and that, but she's paying Sweetie what I assume is enough to put up with her as a boss. To accuse Kim of treating her like a slave is pretty serious, as was her attempt to beat on Kim. Kandi and Don Juan had to hold her back before any punches were thrown, but NeNe was up and off her seat ready to do some damage to Kim.

"What are you going to do, strangle me?" Kim asked.

"Don't talk like that to me, or I will!" NeNe shot back.

Next stop is Miami where all five of the Housewives are supposed to get together for some girl time to celebrate Cynthia's upcoming wedding that may not be coming up at all as her fiance, Peter, is broke and sold their restaurant ... without telling her. Hopefully Miami can handle the heat.

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