'Live to Dance' Recap: Cute Kids & Sexy Octogenarians

Live to DanceLive to Dance got off to a good start on the first night of the semi-finals. Six acts performed and the judges chose one act to move on to the finals, with America choosing the other making it through. Before they could do that, though, there was still the issue of which act would take the last slot in the semi-finals. Out of Theatrix, Inside the Box, and White Tree Fine Art, America voted for the ballet dancers of White Tree Fine Art.

Did you all see that coming? I was shocked. Maybe America appreciates ballet more after what happened to poor Alex Wong on SYTYCD. Whatever the reason, they now have a week to come up with a new routine to compete in the next round of semi-finals.

But back to this week. There were some high highs and, um, low lows ...


With 38 members, The Vibe is the biggest group. I was overwhelmed by how many of them there were, but they were certainly entertaining.

Jittin' Genius does Detroit jittin based on the jitterbug. I have no idea how he moves like that, but I loved it! Sadly, I don't think he's making it through to the finals.

Chi Town Finest Breakers are certainly not the best dance act, but darn it, they're easily one of the cutest. Sadly, they got two red stars from the judges and boy were they pissed. (I thought the kid in the front was going to punch somebody.)

Contemporary krumper Austen Acevedo really flopped. I didn't enjoy his performance at all, and neither did the judges, who gave him three red stars.

Bev & Hap weren't much luckier, but Paula's right: it's certainly inspiring to see those old folks get down like that. Damn, Bev's feisty sexuality alone is an inspiration to me.

But D'Angelo & Amanda ended the show on a high note with my favorite performance of the night. Those two not only have the cuteness factor, their technique and talent are incredible.

The judges surprised me by choosing The Vibe as the first act in the finals. That's two surprises in one night, so maybe this show will be as different and unique as Paula keeps saying it is! (Okay, maybe not, but whatever.)

I thought for sure that they'd pick D'Angelo & Amanda, but I'm guessing they wanted to go with an act they don't think will get the votes. That's what I'm going to tell myself, anyway, while I hope that the cute lovebirds get into the finals through America's vote.

Next week, we'll see another six acts, including Twitch, an early favorite of mine, and White Tree Fine Art, the audience pick for the last semi-finalist.

Who do you want to see make it through to the Live to Dance finals?


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