Jerry O'Connell & His Awesome 'Blizzard Blast' Dance

You know when an actor you normally file under H for Ho-Hum randomly does something that makes you realize that under their plasticky appearance, they might actually have a decent sense of humor?

My award for Suddenly Likeable Celebrity Beefcake today goes to Jerry O’Connell, for acting like a giant endearing pile of dork on the Live With Regis and Kelly show, where he's inexplicably sitting in for Regis Philbin.

The show kicked off with fake snow floating down on the studio as TVs with the words "Blizzard Blast" were lowered from the ceiling, and while giant white balls were released for the audience to bat around, O'Connell busted a series of nerdy dance moves to the synth-y '80s music playing. (Is it "Blue Monday" by New Order? Ah, that takes me back.)

The best part, I think, is when Ripa grabs the cane she has been using since she injured her hip, and hisses in a fake-sultry voice, "By day it's a cane, by night it's a stripper pole."


You can click here to see O'Connell's 'Blizzard Blast' performance, or enjoy this blast from the past when he appeared on Ellen in 2007:

Jerry O'Connell, who knew. I haven't really been interested in his stuff since Stand by Me, but maybe I need to give the dude more credit. After all, this IS the guy who hilariously spoofed Tom Cruise a while ago.

What about you, are you an O'Connell fan?

Image via TV Squad

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