'Bachelor' Crisis: Is Turning 30 a Beauty Nightmare?

Monday night on The Bachelor, one bachelorette was celebrating her birthday by pouting. It was a big one, too. Yes, Michelle celebrated her 30th by going on a date with 14 other women and one man.


She needn't worry. Despite picking at her wrinkles and fretting over her age, she is easily the hottest woman in the bunch and had no trouble picking up the rose. And probably not just because of her big day.

We all struggle a bit with different birthdays. My hardest birthdays have been 25, 28, and 31. But I also generally hate getting older and tend to not like my birthday anyway. Put me firmly in the camp with Michelle. The 30s are scary.

But they may be our most beautiful decade.


If you believe the survey that came out last fall, our beauty peaks at 31. So, take heart, Michelle! You have at least one more year of peak beauty left.

Since I am still on the less scary side of 35, I don't speak from experience, but I do know how hard it can be to turn 30 and stare at a blank decade full of sagging and wrinkles (in your mind). But the 30s may be the most beautiful decade, after all.

According to the Daily Mail:

While the average British woman of 31 may be married with a child, the survey noted they are at a prime age because they have youthful beauty but also more confidence and a better sense of style than fresh-faced teenagers.

Of all the bachelorettes on the show, Michelle is by far and away the most attractive and alluring. Turning 30 only turns up the heat. Now she is wiser, to boot.

Yes, it's true that some men may not like a woman post-30, but other men wouldn't even consider a woman below 30, so there you have it. And really ladies, if there is a man who would reject you because you aren't 29, would you really want to date him? Really?

The good news for Michelle is that not only is she stunning, she is also super immature. No one would guess she is a day over 24. And that is both good and bad.

Does Michelle look old to you?


Image via ABC

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