'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Sip & See & Snooze

Kim ZolciakThe Real Housewives of Atlanta are a lot of things, but boring typically isn't one of them ... until this week. Everything and everyone were just so nice and normal (another thing the Housewives typically aren't). It started with Phaedra Parks channeling Martha Stewart, peeling peaches in the kitchen, getting ready for her "Sip and See" party in which everyone comes to sip Bellinis and see her new baby. Whether she made the party concept up, I don't know, but it seemed ripe for drama after she and Kim got into it during the previous episode.

But it wasn't. It was all nicey-nice, and even Kim, who showed up looking like "Jessica Rabbit gone bad," according to Kandi, behaved. Kim and Phaedra actually made nice. They went outside to talk, cleared the air about their animosity, and Kim brought out paperwork proof that she is in fact a nurse instead of "in the club," as Phaedra assumed. Unfortunately, Phaedra didn't produce any proving she's a lawyer, because that's still hard to believe.


So strike one on any interesting drama doings there, and the rest of the show came up dry as well. What's up, Atlanta? The only real rift was between Cynthia and Peter, and really that's so tiresome, no one cares anymore. Get married or not, just let us know.

NeNe was attempting to be a reporter, but as much as I root for her, I have to say her whole interview with Jermaine Dupri was painful. She needs a lesson in open-ended questions and an introduction to something called research. But besides that she was delightful.

Kim and Kandi started their tour aboard a bus, much to Kim's horror -- especially when it came to not being able to smoke on it. She and the tour manager, Don Juan, got into it a little bit when they made a pit stop at the Thirsty Beaver bar, and he challenged her about the adultery message in her song "The Ring Don't Mean a Thing." She said no one would think about that and denied that Big Papa ever cheated on her during their relationship (while he was still married).

As Kandi said, "Let's be real, are you being delusional right now?"

But since we all know she's moved on to Kroy Biermann, who really cares.

There was some anticipation toward the end that perhaps Kim would fall on her wig during her first performance of the tour in Charlotte as the only preparation she did was boozing it up and chain smoking, but somehow she made it work. Kandi followed her with some impressive vocals and all was well in the Atlanta Housewives' worlds. Good for them, boring for us.

And is anyone else really sick of them all -- even Kim's daughters -- calling everyone "Boo"?

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