Camille Grammer: Kelsey Made Me Do It

camilleCamille Grammer, the wild-eyed, Botoxed villain of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show today for a little bit of exercise and a lot of girl talk. The soon-to-be-ex of Kelsey Grammer pedaled alongside the talk show host as they dished about life, love, and reality TV.

The first crazy thing out of Camille's mouth? She claimed that Kelsey "made" her do the show.

What? Are you, like, 12?


In her own words:

Why did I do it? Kelsey wanted me to do it ... I didn't want to do the show. I wasn't ready to expose my life that way. We've been a private couple for a long time and I had seen you a couple times at awards shows and stuff like that but for the most part, we kept to ourselves. I was surprised that he wanted me to do to it too. I was like, "Are you crazy? Why are you making me do this?" But he thought it would be good for me to do something that was separate from us being a couple. This is something that was my own thing.

That's ludicrous. Camille, is he your husband or your father? How can your husband make you do anything? If you wanted to join the show, own up to it. You're a big girl. It's your decision -- so own it.

Next, Camille argued that the show wasn't a true portrayal of who she is -- that she's actually a good person. True, we all have our bad days, but calling a guest at your dinner table "morally bankrupt" for posing in Playboy, when you have bared it all for the mag yourself (and starred in soft-core porn to boot) is not nice. And hypocritical to boot. A good person just wouldn't do that.

And finally, when asked if she talks to her ex-hubby anymore, Camille claimed that they do not speak. At the moment he communicates to her mainly through the press. She's clearly upset about that.

And she said all of this on national television. Like the private woman that she is.

Do you think Camille Grammer was forced to do RHOBH?

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