Snooki a Role Model? Why Not?

snookiSnooki does not want to be a role model for young people and wants everyone to know that. Got it? When Ellen DeGeneres pointed out to the pint-sized Jersey Shore housemate that her actions don't exactly set a good example for teen fans, Snooki quickly shot back: "Well, I don't want to be a role model."

Bravo, Snooks. Tell it like it is. You are what you are.

But ... hey ... maybe she's not looking at it the right way. Maybe the Snooki we know and love really can be someone young people could look up to. After all, there's good in everyone ... don't you think?


For example, Snooki has style:


She's gainfully employed:









And not afraid to speak her mind:









Cleanliness is a virtue:








She's always ready and willing to listen:









And she's playful to boot:









And finally, she fights for what she believes is right:











Yeah, so she wakes up in garbage cans at least once a month. And then there are those pesky arrests for disorderly conduct. The public drinking? Could be an issue. Drinking every day during the day? She's trying to stop that. Really she is.

But she never uses the "c" word: "I don't use those words. I use slutty ass b---h." And she loves her parents and people of all colors. (Especially the ones who are tan.) So maybe Snooki can be a good example after all ... without hell freezing over.

What do you think? Can Snooks cut it as a role model?

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