People's Choice Award Winners: Are the Voters on Drugs?

Queen Latifah People's ChoiceLast night made it pretty clear that the "people" who cast in their vote for the People's Choice Awards are all under the age of 16. There were a lot of what I like to call "WTF Winners," namely the Twilight kids making a mess of the whole voting system, preventing actual talent from winning -- and this is coming from a self-described Twi-hard. As much as I love the franchise, we've had way too many good movies for Twilight Sage: Eclipse to win both Favorite Movie and Favorite Drama Movie. Social Network, The Fighter, Inception -- hello, any of those ring a bell?

And that isn't the only WTF Winner:


Adam Sandler took home best Comedic Star (really? Has he even been funny in the last three years?), Johnny Depp for Favorite Movie Actor (um, his two movies this year were Alice in Wonderland and The Tourist ... ), and Favorite Movie Actress went to Kristen Stewart (uggggh).

I agreed more with the TV award winners: Best Comedy Actor went to Neil Patrick Harris, Comedy Actress went to Jane Lynch, Best Comedy was Glee, Favorite Obsession goes to Dexter. All very much "duh, as if there was any other choice" in my book. Though I would have much rather have seen Gwyneth Paltrow and her vocals get best guest appearance (Demi Lovato won for her role on Grey's). She wasn't even nominated in that category but that episode was talked about so much that we were writing about Gwyn and "Forget You" for days. How's that possible?

In the music categories, there wasn't any big surprises: Taylor Swift (of course), Katy Perry, Rihanna, Eminem, and Paramore all took home awards. Selena Gomez won for Favorite Breakout Artist, beating out her main squeeze Justin Bieber (ohh snap, what now Beliebers?). That's going to make things awkward in their new relationship.

What did you think of the night's winners?


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