'Live to Dance' Recap: Child Cruelty in Disguise

Live to Dance Theatrix

Will Theatrix Live to Dance another day?

After we gushed over the adorable, talented kids on last night's Live to Dance premiere, reality set in: some of these cutie patooties might not make it past the short list and into the live semi-finals. How sad! I mean, that has to be some special type of child cruelty to crush hopes and dreams like that.

And speaking of cruelty, what was up with Paula Abdul showing up at little Kendall's assembly to tell her in front of all those people that she hadn't made the semi-finals? "Hey kid, you're great, but not quite good enough. Let's make sure all your friends know, ok?" I was mortified!

I suppose it's a good thing kids just get up and move on so quickly, because there were tears yet to come, so let's backtrack a bit.


Paula, Kimberly, and Travis had to narrow down the short list to a group of 18 acts for the live semi-final. Some favorites, like Jill and Jacob, were quickly given a unanimous yes, while others, like Beyond Gold (the former Solid Gold Dancers), were an easy no. They deliberated over several others and couldn't seem to agree on four acts in particular. Paula came up with an obvious solution: have America choose the 18th act. Of course, when I say, "Paula came up with an obvious solution," what I mean is "producers probably planned it this way, but that's not good tv, so we'll let Paula come up with an obvious solution," but that's neither here nor there.

Some of the semi-finalists chosen were D'Angelo and Amanda, Twitch, Chi Town Finest Breakers, and Tap Sounds Underground. The four they were undecided about were 25-member crew Inside the Box, 11-year-old Kendall Glover, ballet couple White Tree Fine Art, and Broadway-lovin' Theatrix. The acts had 24 hours to create a new routine and get to L.A. for a dance-off.

The judges chose Kendall as the 17th act.

Meh. I mean, I thought she was great, but Inside the Box was even better. Hopefully nobody will have noticed those poor little kids in Theatrix crying up a storm, though, because that's sure to get them plenty of sympathy votes.

Be sure to cast your vote on CBS.com -- you have until tomorrow afternoon!

Who do you think America will choose as the last Live to Dance semi-finalist?


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