Move Over, 'Teen Mom,' Here Come the Teen Abortions

MTV has had enormous success with its recent reality shows focusing on teen pregnancy, and now the network has decided to tackle another, even more controversial topic. First we had 16 and Pregnant, then Teen Mom, and now there's yet another spin-off of the pregnant-teen issue. The new documentary is called No Easy Decision, and it's about abortion.

The special aired last night, and focused on a young lady named Markai Durham, who was first seen last month on 16 and Pregnant. She has discovered she is expecting again and this time, she decides to terminate the pregnancy.


“I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Markai said early on. Host Dr. Drew Pinsky said she and her boyfriend James considered three options: “Parenting, adoption, or abortion.”

Economic factors were a big part in Markai and James' decision. “We can’t take care of another baby. Abortion is the best choice for us.”

The procedure was performed when Markai was six weeks pregnant.

Markai said that the clinic told her to “think of it as a little ball of cells.” Afterward, she became upset at James and at herself and expressed remorse. “Nothing but a bunch of cells that can turn out to be her,” she said to her boyfriend, pointing to their child Za’karia.

MTV chose to air the show at 11:30 p.m., presumably to make it off-limits to network's youngest viewers. They also didn't make the show available to the media before it aired, and forbade Markai to give interviews about the subject.

I didn't watch this show, but just the idea of it makes me so sad. I'm pro-choice, but I cannot imagine what purpose it served these young people to share their story on national television, except to collect a paycheck. I hate famewhoring Dr. Drew and I'm totally grossed out by the idea of him pretending to care about the sensitivity of this topic.

I suppose you can look at this special and think, well, it shows young viewers the reality of how difficult abortion is -- and that's a positive thing. But it makes you wonder just where our entertainment preferences are going.

What do you think about No Easy Decision? Educational topic, or too sensational?

Image via MTV

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