'My Life as Liz' Season 2 Confirmed Today

Good news for you My Life as Liz fans, not only are you watching a show I have never even heard of—something I didn't even think was possible!—but it turns out that second season you've been clamoring for is coming to fruition.

After airing a lengthy Liz Season One marathon today, MTV finally confirmed the news of a
My Life as Liz Season Two. Get ready to fire up your TiVos: the Season Two premiere date is February 8, 2011 at 11 pm.


My Life as Liz debuted on MTV on January 18, 2010, with Season One focusing on the life of Liz Lee and her journey through her senior year in high school. Is it reality? Is it fiction? Hard to say. It reportedly uses the camera work and editing typical of reality television. The Los Angeles Times describes the show as "is quasi-reality -- real people, in their real environment, leading lives that are being in some way dramatized," and that the show "flirts with documentary but intersperses scenes of high-school hallway conversations."

MTV executives have stated, "We didn't set out to confuse people. We don't look at it as just a reality show. We weren't going to call it a sitcom, because it's not. […] The rule was, when Liz is around other people, we played that as straight as we could. When she's alone, that's when we were able to stylize things more."

The finale to Season One of
My Life as Liz aired back in March, but MTV never said if the show would return for another season. MTV originally only confirmed nine episodes in a single season, and wrapped Season One with Liz moving to New York—which made it seem like the finale might be the end of the series.

Lucky for Liz fans, it wasn't.
Will you be watching the second season this February?

Image via MTV

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