Christina Hendricks: Bustiest 'Wonder Woman' Ever!

joan mad men christina hendricksModern-day Wonder Woman rumors have been swirling ever since David E. Kelley announced he'd be bringing Wonder Woman back to television. It's still to be determined which actress will portray our favorite corseted super-heroine? However, curvy Mad Men hottie Christina Hendricks says she'd love to play Wonder Woman!

About the rumors that she would play Wonder Woman, Hendricks said recently on the Rachael Ray Show, "I just heard that rumor too. I don't know where it got started, but I love it. I've been wanting to wear that outfit my whole life." (Um, haven't we all?) "I had Wonder Woman Underoos! I'd love to. That would be so fun."

Since hearing about the remake, I've been so worried, they would replace the hourglass-figured original played by Lynda Carter with some emaciated, small-busted teenager. So I'm personally loving this casting idea!

What do you think about Christina Hendricks playing Wonder Woman?


Here's a clip from the original Wonder Woman series:

I guess Christina could dye her scarlet locks sable brown -- or heck, why can't Wonder Woman be a redhead? Christina looks so good in red, too! Plus, with her lovely proportions, she could also totally rock an updated Wonder Woman red and gold corset and star-spangled shorts -- to the max, in fact.

Of course, I can already hear the critics, going on and on: How will she run after the bad guys? Can a woman of that bust size really pull off the Wonder Woman spin? And I say hell yes to that hotness. Especially cause I seriously need a Christina fix now that Mad Men is over (whyyyy is Mad Men over?).

Would you like to see Christina Hendricks play Wonder Woman?


Image via AMC

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