'16 and Pregnant' to Show Abortion

It may not be on the actual show, but MTV is finally going to tackle the subject of abortion with one of the former stars of 16 and Pregnant.

Markai, who was on an earlier episode, is already the mother of one when she gets pregnant again. The special will air on December 28 at 11:30 p.m. and will follow Markai through her decision of whether to have her baby or not. The episode is called "No Easy Decision."

It's about time, MTV. It isn't that abortion is a fantastic choice or even the right one for everyone, but it's the reality for a number of women. Twenty-seven percent of teen pregnancies end in abortion and, for some, it's the only choice that allows them to continue on with their dreams and aspirations.

It's also, as the title indicates, no easy choice.


For some reason, in this country, we all want to believe that women who choose abortion do so easily and without thought. I have high hopes that this episode will show just what a myth that idea really is. The women I know who have made this choice did it because they wanted to finish college or graduate school. Because they had expectations of what their life might look like and what they want to offer a child.

The women who have had abortions don't have to justify their decisions to anyone, but there are many times in life when it's the wiser choice. A baby may thrive and grow on love, but it takes a lot more than just love to truly support a child and raise them to be productive members of society who live at the same standard of living we expected for ourselves.

So, yes. Sometimes abortion is the wiser choice. Sometimes on Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant when the girls cried about all they gave up or they lamented their terrible baby daddies, I wondered why the alternative was never shown, too. Now it will be.

No one is saying it's an easy choice, but if Markai truly cannot support two children and care for them correctly, then it's probably the right choice for her. I'm glad that MTV has the courage and willingness to share her story. They will likely get a lot of flak, but if her future is better and her child's future is better because she made a hard choice, then that is worth all the judgement.

Are you glad MTV is tackling the subject?


Image via MTV

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